Zong Mobile Broadband One Plus One Offer 2018

Zong one plus one offer, an innovative offer for its mobile broadband customers in Pakistan. Zong One Plus One Offer for Zong Mobile Broadband Device(s) customers is industry’s first one of its kind offer that enables its new as well as existing mobile broadband customers to get a free Zong Plus One SIM with free mobile internet data MB’s, voice minutes as well as SMS’s.

How to avail Zong Plus One Offer?

Whenever, you subscribe to any Zong MBB data package, you will get free internet volume, voice minutes & SMS on their Plus One SIM. So don’t wait and get your Zong Plus One SIM from the Zong outlet to avail this offer.

Customer Eligibility to get broadband bundle by Zong:

  • Simply dial *9# from any Zong SIM to check whether you’re eligible for this offer or not.
  • Also enter your MBB number or send your MBB Number in SMS to 6555.

How to Avail Zong Mobile Broadband Bundles:

  1. Claim Free Zong Plus one SIM by visiting nearest Zong CSC, Franchise or retailer, without paying any charges. Zong Plus one SIM will be issued on the same CNIC on which MBB Device is registered.
  2. Zong SIM will be paired with Zong MBB SIM to avail Zong One Plus One Offer.
  3. In order to enjoy free resources on Zong MBB SIM, customer has to subscribe any mobile broadband bundle to which the Zong SIM is paired.

Zong Mobile Broadband Bundles with Free Resources:

On the subscription of any of the given MBB bundle, the subscriber will also get free resources on the Zong One Plus SIM. The details of Zong MBB One Plus One Bundles With Free Zong SIM Resources are tabled below:

Zong Mobile Broadband Bundle FREE Volume on Voice SIM FREE Mins on Voice SIM FREE SMS on Voice SIM
MBB 24 GB Bundle 4 GB 150 ON NET Mins 500 SMS
MBB 65 GB Bundle 10 GB 300 ON NET Mins 500 SMS
MBB 100 GB Bundle 10 GB 300 ON NET Mins 500 SMS
MBB 150 GB Bundle 10 GB 300 ON NET Mins 500 SMS
MBB 200 GB Bundle 10 GB 300 ON NET Mins 500 SMS
3 Months 24GB Bundle 4GB / Cycle 150 ON NET Mins/ Cycle 500 SMS / Cycle
6 Months 50GB Bundle 10 GB / Cycle 300 ON NET Mins/ Cycle 500 SMS / Cycle
12 Months 50GB Bundle 10 GB / Cycle 300 ON NET Mins/ Cycle 500 SMS / Cycle

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Terms for Zong One Plus One Offer:

  • Dial *102# to check remaining FREE resources to check remaining free resources.
  • In case of 3, 6 and 12 months bundles, free resources will be posted on the Plus one SIM every month in accordance with the Broadband Data Bundle on the paired MBB Number.
  • Customers who have not used their MBB SIMs or bundles for last 6 months can still get the Zong SIM to avail this offer.
  • FREE resources will only be given on that Zong SIM’s that has been activated after 26th May, 2018.
  • One MBB Device can only be paired with single Plus one SIM.
  • Zong port in customers can also avail this offer.
  • Pairing of Zong Plus one SIM and Zong MBB SIM cannot be changed.
  • To avail One Plus One Offer, Plus One SIM and MBB Number need to be registered on the same CNIC.
  • The subscribers will get free resources on this SIM as many times as they subscribe to MBB data bundles.


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