Zong Offers 4G Mobile Broadband MiFi Device with Data Packages

Zong Offers 4G Mobile Broadband MiFi Device with Data Packages

Zong launches Zong 4G MiFi Device that comes with unbelievable monthly data limits of up to 200GBs. Currently, Zong Mobile Broadband WiFi Device is available in Karachi only. However, it is also excepted that Zong will soon make this 4G MiFi device as well as its data packages available in other Zong 4G cities in Pakistan. As per Zong, the price of this device is the cheapest and most affordable in the current mobile broadband field of Pakistan.

Mr. Babar Bajwa Chief Commercial Officer at (CCO) Zong commented on the launch of Zong 4G MiFi device and said,

As the only 3G & 4G mobile operator in Pakistan, the individuality of Zong lies in its outstanding data speed. We are very dedicated to providing our customers with the most excellent data experience, and this device is so far another addition to Zongs achievements.

Zong 4G MiFi Device:


  • Range of 10 meters.
  • Theoretical speed quality up to 150 Mbps.
  • Ability to connect up to 10 devices at one time.
  • Option of LTE/3G/2G fallback.


  • Zongs 4G Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi device has a price of just Rs 2500.

Zong 4G MiFi Data Packages:

Zong 4G MiFi device comes with a variety of monthly data limits and options, ranging from 10 GB for Rs 800 to 200 GB for Rs 6000, as per as your needs and budget.

  1. Zong 4G MiFi Monthly Package.
  2. Zong 4G MiFi 3-Months Package.
  3. Zong 4G MiFi Add-Ons.

Check below the details of all Zong 4G WiFi device data bundles and packages:

1- Monthly Packages:

Zong 4G MiFi Monthly Packages

2- Three Months Packages:


3- Add’Ons:



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