Zong Lowest International Calling Rates

Zong Lowest International Calling Rates

Zong is offering the lowest international calling rates for 12 international destinations. Zong international calling rates are that much low and affordable that they seem same as the local calling rates. Unlike other cellular network, Zong is providing lowest international calling rates to all its customers including Zong prepaid and Zong postpaid customers. So join Zong network today and call your loved one abroad at the lowest calling rates.

The Director Long Distance International (LDI) and International Business (IB) Zong, Mr. Syed Jibran Ali, give his views and said, “Progressively, Pakistanis are moving overseas, and connectivity with family and friends abroad has always been a difficult issue in the past due to the reasonably expensive call charges in the industry. In this view, Zong’s offer is an attempt to counter to these concerns and permit Pakistanis to enjoy affordable and great quality connectivity with their loved ones abroad at all times.”

Lowest Calling International Destinations:

Zong is providing lowest international calling rates to the 12 international destinations. These rates are applied on all outgoing calls, including both mobile and landline numbers. The names of 12 destinations where Zong is providing lowest calling rates to mobile and landline include:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. Denmark
  5. France
  6. Spain
  7. Italy
  8. Poland
  9. Netherlands
  10. Germany
  11. Hong Kong
  12. India



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