Zong Is Issued Show Cause Notice by PTA

Zong Is Issued Show Cause Notice by PTA

Zong is recently issued by a show cause notice by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. PTA issued show cause notice to Zong due to the reason that Zong started its LDI operations in Pakistan without requesting for a formal permit letter for doing so from PTA. It is confirmed by the sources of simspk.

Yesterday, simspk was confirmed by PTA about the issuance of show cause notice to Zong with a further note that Zong has given clarification in response. This matter is currently in court. When we asked Zong about the details of this matter, Zong dint make any statement regarding it.

As per details, an LDI license was issued to Zong when Sindh High Court left the restraining order just for 1 day as the new LDI licenses were to be issue. This wait was applied when Redtone Telecommunications, Telecard Limited & Multinet Pakistan (all 3 are the representations of LDI operators) had requested for an appeal against MoIT†secretary and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. In this application, they said for the issuance of hold on new LDI licenses. Furthermore, they requested that the hold should be imposed on the basis of 10 years old charges as well as on expired policy.

It should also be noted by our readers that since 2008 when Zong started its network supply in Pakistan, it has been striving hard for the issuance of an LDI license. But the Government of Pakistan did not do so as Zong was in an agreement with Etisalat. This agreement was made at the time of sales of 26% shares of PTCL. The agreement of Pakistan government with Etisalat (for not issuing any new telecom license) got expire in April 2013. After that period, all LDI operators grouped together to ensure no entry of any new LDI operator. Letís see, how Zong deals with this matter. For further updates on it, stay connected with SimsPk twitter and FaceBook page.


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