Zong Applies Sales Tax on Mobile Internet Service in KPK

Zong Applies Sales Tax on Mobile Internet Service in KPK

Zong recently imposes Sales tax on using Zong mobile internet services in KPK. According to the information published on Zong official website, it is said that 19.5% General Sales Tax (GST) will be charged for using Mobile Internet services in KPK province of Pakistan. It will be applied from 1st February 2015.

It means that the customers of Zong will be charged 19.5% GST if they use Zong data services without activating any package. The thing that is important to note here is that Zong Data Bundle subscription will remain the same as currently, no tax is applied on it. In other provinces of the country, no sales tax or GST is yet applicable by Zong on using internet data services.

According to a Zong representative, SimsPk got to know that 19.5% GST on mobile data services has been imposed which will be applicable on Zong prepaid customers. On the other hand, Punjab government is also planning to impose sales tax on overall usage of internet services. Department of Finance has prepared a summary in this regard that will soon be forwarded to the Chief Minister of Punjab for Punjab. Stay connected with us to check further details.


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