Win a 3 day trip to Dubai from Zong by doing maximum check-ins

Win a 3 day trip to Dubai from Zong by doing maximum check-ins

Zong brings an exclusive offer with which Zong customers can win a 3 days trip to Dubai by doing maximum check ins. Yes, that is true!!! You just need to update your status by posting maximum number of check ins from Zong 3G. in this way, Zong 3G customers can get a chance to have a glamorous trip to one of the most stylish cities of the world DUBAI.

The more the check-ins, the more the chances of winning a 3 day tour of Dubai raise. So all Zong customers just need to keep on telling the world that where they are roaming and where they are..

Using the hashtag #ZongSuper3G along with their check-in to enter in the race of winners and to win the chase, Zong subscribers can Check-in on Facebook from anywhere.

By Zong win 3 day trip to Dubai offer, winners can get an exclusive chance to get entertained in the worlds tallest building in Dubai Burj Khalifa during the 3 day tour. Not only this, the winners of this offer can also get a chance to win loads of free minutes.

So, dont wait and do maximum number of checkins on Zong to win 3 day trip to Dubai.


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