Warid Voice Craze

Warid always offers such exciting and cheaper offers and packages for its prepaid customers that can surely save their big part of money. Warid Voice Craze package is also an addition in the list of low rate calling packages by Warid. With Warid Voice Craze package, get relax for the whole week as it will offer its subscribers with 200 free minutes for 7 days at the lowest rates of Rs.110 + tax only. So, subscribe to Warid Voice Craze package to save your weekly budget.

How To Subscribe:

-††††††††† For subscription, simply dial 321.
-††††††††† By dialing *100# for Rs 0.10 +tax, subscribers can check their normal Rupee balance as well as balance of free minutes.

Free Offers:

-††††††††† 125 on-net calling minutes to all Warid numbers.
-††††††††† 25 off-net (landline/ other mobile operators) calling minutes.
-††††††††† 50 voice talky minutes.


-††††††††† Weekly rental charges of Rs.110 (exclusive of taxes) are applied.

How To Un-Subscribe:

-††††††††† For UN-subscription, simply dial 321.

Warid Talky Minutes:

-††††††††† Warid talky minutes can be used war on-net as well as off-net calling.
-††††††††† By Warid Voice Craze package, up to 50 minutes of voice talky can be utilized.
-††††††††† Both for sending and retrieving talky messages, minutes will be charged.

Warid Talky Messages:

Following steps can help you in sending Warid talky message:

-††††††††† Dial * followed by recipientís phone number (e.g. *032XXXXXXXX).
-††††††††† Follow the voice prompts.
-††††††††† Record the message.
-††††††††† Send Warid talky message by pressing end or hang-up.

Following steps can help you for listening Warid talky message:

-††††††††† Dial *0* for all new messages.
-††††††††† Dial *1* for old messages
-††††††††† Follow the voice prompts.
-††††††††† Retrieve your Talky messages.


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