Warid Temporary SIM Re-Verification for Overseas Pakistanis

Warid Temporary SIM Re-Verification for Overseas Pakistanis

Warid takes care of its overseas Pakistani customers. This is the reason why Warid givens guideline for overseas Pakistanis to re-verify their Warid SIMs via biometric verification system before 12th April, 2015.

How to Verify Overseas Warid SIM:

  • A message from 789 will be received to Warid overseas or abroad number.
  • Reply that SMS with your Motherís name, CNIC number and Place of birth.
  • For e.g.: VER<space>MotherName,CNIC,PlaceOfBirth @ 789
  • If the details are as per as NADRA data base, your Warid SIM will be temporarily re-verified. You will receive a success SMS too.
  • If the provided details are not correct, then an informatory SMS will also be sent to your number.


  • Normal IR SMS charges are applied for the temporary overseas SM re-verification.


  • This is the temporary re-verification of your Warid overseas SIM.
  • For the proper biometric re-verification, the customer is required to verify the SIM through proper Biometric machine before 31st March, 2016.
  • If the permanent verification is not done before deadline, the SIM will be blocked permanently.
  • Visit overseas668@waridtel.com in case of further queries.


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