4G LTE Deployment Plans

4G LTE Deployment Plans

A single sentenced message by Warid telecom together with statement of 4G LTE without a doubt indicates that Warid is very much done with its groundwork and is at the moment all place to set up with the 4G services plan.

If our readers do not know that how would this happen then read our previous posts on the same topic. Though, Warid dint participated in the 4G auction but they are planning to make the most from their technology neutral license to launch 4G services in Pakistan. Warid has at present around 12 million subscribers and has 8.8 MHz spectrum from 1800 MHz band that is in addition to 5 MHz bandwidth in 900 MHz band, which Warid had bought at the time of its launch in 2004. This license in not service neutral. It means that Warid has to share the details of its to-be-launched services to the customers before the commercial launch.

As Warid has decided to launch 3G/ 4G services in Pakistan to have a competition with rest of the cellular companies, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had claimed Warid that it needs authorization from the regulator for the launch of new technology and services.

It was previously assumed that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) might hold the request of Warid for launching of 4G technology as the interests of other telecom operators is also considered as they paid $1.12 billion to buy license for 3G and 4G spectrum. As other companies have paid a lot of money plus time on the bid session of 3G & 4G spectrum license, so now they have serious kind of reservations with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Zong was the only winner of 4G license in the spectrum license and it announced that a period of several months is needed to launch these new services. But it seems now that Warid will win this chase by launching 4G spectrum for the first time in Pakistan very soon.

Warid has managed to influence Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for the 4G LTE operation. Simspk knows that CEO of Warid was to meet up with the Chairman of PTA at some stage in this week and it seems that things went victorious on the part of Warid. Our sources said us that Warid is about to test run its 4G LTE services the last week of May of this year in 5 cities of Pakistan.

Just prior to the 3G auction in Pakistan, a similar communication had been made by Muneer Farooqi, CEO of Warid telecom, to all of its business partners and employees. On the same note, Warid sent an SMS broadcast to all of its customers and partners,:

“Dear Warid Family Member, the announcement regarding our new data technology would be made soon. Your wait is worth the while as the best is yet to come!”

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