Warid And Ericsson Officially Announce Their 4G LTE Venture
Warid And Ericsson Officially Announce Their 4G LTE Venture

These days, Warid Telecom is processing a 4G LTE trial service in order to check the quality and reliability of its next generation 4G technology in Pakistan that was promised by Warid to bring exclusively for Warid prepaid and postpaid users in may 2014.

GITEX 2014 technology week that is currently held in Dubai, Warid goes public about its 4G LTE plans. At the stall of Ecrisson, the CEO of Warid Telecom, Muneer Farooqui, arrived on stage and publically announced the 4G LTE news which was expected to be announced in October 2014.

An internet revolution has already arrived in Pakistan. Smart devices and their mobility have been raised to the peak here. Through fixed lines, the connectivity through handsets had already been exceeded up than the number of connection. Through a 3G 4G enabled smartphone, mainstream of first-time users practice the internet data for the first time. Warid Telecom will bring the best customer experience with Ericsson’s solution, at anytime and anywhere they connect in Pakistan.

For a massive 4G LTE rollout in Pakistan, Warid telecom will start with few cities and then go out across Pakistan. CEO Warid did not talk about the timeline. Warid has been contacting its latent customers having 4G enabled handsets for replacing their SIMs with more advanced 4G enabled mobile SIMs for over a month. It is also reported that the officials and employees of Warid telecom are already using 4G service of Warid as a part of Warid 4G trial program. For a commercial launch of Warid 4G LTE, the indicators are exceedingly hopeful. Apart from upholding the service feature at promised considerations, the availability of 4G enabled handsets at affordable price among the users can also be a challenge for Warid. The real quality status as well as the availability of 4G handsets will be confirmed only in case of a post launch Warid 4G LTE experience.

On the topic, Muneer Farooqui said, “After 3G and 4G start on in Pakistan, there is a lot of insist for data and Warid is one of the first networks in the world to have leapfrogged from 2G to 4G LTE which is a milestone we have achieved with the partnership of Ericsson. Warid is gearing up for the 4G LTE launch with the most excellent available network solutions and Ericsson has been committed to present us with the state-of-art technologies and services. Our strong partnership and working association with Ericsson has given us absolute confidence in their technology and implementation, making them the ideal partner for this landmark plan as well.”

The President of Ericsson Region Middle East, Rafiah Ibrahim, said: “We are dedicated to bringing the Networked Society nearer to Pakistan, and to play a job in the development of the country’s telecommunication services. As the newest point of our association with Warid Telecom has started, we expand our support to Warid Telecom in delivering the better experience to their customers through our most up-to-date pioneering technologies and solutions.”


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