Ufone Offers Unlimited PTCL and Vfone Bundle

Ufone Offers Unlimited PTCL and Vfone Bundle

When customer friendly packages are what you need, Ufone is one company which delivers like no other. Whether you are looking for SMS buckets, call packages or lowest rates for overseas calls, Ufone is a reliable name in the Pakistani telecommunications industry that is not just hard but impossible to beat. Many if not most of the company’s packages are made keeping the ultimate consumer in mind and therefore you are never disappointed with the Ufone service. As its taglines goes, ‘It’s All About U’, Ufone has left no stone unturned in bringing to you a service that is top notch and just right for all ages.

Just recently the company came up with two new exciting offers which is making lives easier; the Unlimited PTCL and Vfone Bundle. If you are place calls to the landline frequently and the existing packages do not suit the need, switch to Unlimited PTCL, a package made for mobile to landline callers like you. Once the package is enabled, you can make unlimited calls to the PTCL and Vfone numbers of your choice.

How to Activate Unlimited PTCL on Your Handset:

In order to get rid of the worries of calling PTCL numbers without a package, simply type SUB on your screen and sent to 7500. The offer costs Rs. 100+tax and will keep you connected anywhere and everywhere in Pakistan. Under the offer, you will be provided with 8000 minutes for PTCL and VPTCL numbers. Moreover, the remaining minutes at the end of every month will expire. Also, the package will renew itself every month.

After the package has been enabled on your device, the rates for the package will be applicable from there onwards. As per the policy, 19.5% FED will be levied on usage as well as other taxes either on recharge or the bills. The service is largely for Postpay customers so switch your Prepaid connection today to a Postpaid one and enjoy unlimited calls to PTCL and Vfone numbers for as low as Rs.100. When Ufone is your network carrier, new and exciting offers are a common.

Now, you will not have to get stressed about having to call up your desired PTCL numbers and not being covered by a package. Ufone understands what its customers need and therefore when at Ufone you are served with only the best. Get the exciting offer today or if you need more assistance simply visit your nearest customer care centers in order to have all the information you need to make the most out of your Ufone connection. At Ufone, It’s All About You!


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