Ufone Launches Free 3G Trial in Lahore

Ufone Launches Free 3G Trial in LahoreUfone has launched free 3G services in Lahore for its customers to enjoy an immediate feeling of 3rd generation mobile phone telephonic technology and its marvels after the successful biding of 3G spectrum. Free 3G trial of Ufone is available for both of its prepaid and postpaid customers by which they can download unlimited internet data. Ufone free 3G trial is valid for a limited time period i.e. till the commercial and official launch of Ufone 3G network in Pakistan.

Ufone free 3G trial enables the Ufone customers to get unlimited and fast access to Twitter, Skype, video downloading websites, Facebook, and much more. This is a positive move in the direction of the similar because it is going to endow the customers and make available them very 1st know-how of 3G and unlock to them a planet of possibilities. If you have a 3G compatible handset then the 3G service will automatically be activated on it. But it might be possible that you would need to activate 3G services and setting on your mobile phone. For this purpose, you can get assistance from the tutorial to activate 3G service on your phone which is available on our website.

Ufone free3G trial is available for a limited time therefore Ufone consumers do not need to purchase this offer from the network.


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