Ufone Increases UTune service charges from 5th December 2014

Ufone Increases UTune service charges from 5th December 2014

Ufone UTune service is widely used by a large number of Ufone customers in Pakistan. Ufone has just revised the service charges of Ufone UTune service. The new rates of Ufone UTune service will be implemented from 5th of December, 2014. The new charges Ufone UTune service are Rs.1.30 excluding tax (Rs. 1.55 including tax) on daily basis.

Ufone UTune Service:

  • Ufone UTune service is all about playing any lyrics, song, music, melody etc that starts ringing anytime when someone calls the subscriber of UTune service.
  • For the activation of UTune, the customer has to subscribe for this service which further includes the charges of Rs.5+Tax.
  • Press * button if you like and want to copy the UTune of any number on which you ring.

Old Charges:

  • Previously, the services charges of this facility were just Rs.1.20 excluding Tax (Rs. 1.44 including tax).

New Charges:

  • The new charges of UTune services by Ufone are just Rs.1.30 per day excluding tax (Rs. 1.55 including tax).

Tariff Charges Advertisement:

Ufone has advertised the change in tariff plan of UTune service on its social media page as well as in major daily newspapers of the country. The screenshots of both are given below for further verification:

On Social Media:

screenshot of ufone social media page

In the Newspaper:



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