Ufone and McDonald’s bring discounted food and free 3G

Ufone and McDonalds bring discounted food and free 3G

Ufone and McDonalds, in collaboration, brings a delicious and exciting offer in which Ufone customers can enjoy meals and Share boxes on discounted rates, free 3G internet and free talk time. So dont wait and enjoy the most from this exciting offer by Ufone and McDonalds.

How To Subscribe:

- For the subscription of Ufone and McDonalds offer of discounted meal and free 3G and talktime, simply dial *2300# and follow the instructions.


- McDonalds, in collaboration with Ufone, is offering huge meals at unbelievable discounted rates. The Chicken Value Meal by McDonalds that is originally of price Rs. 2,035, is now available in just Rs. 1,195. Furthermore, McDonalds share box Chicken Plus Meal that is originally available at Rs. 2,535 is now available at just Rs. 1,395 for all Ufone customers. The Mix Premium Meal is now available at only Rs. 1,595 that originally is available at Rs. 2,520. At McDelivery 1112-44-622, the exclusive Shareboxes are available on discounted rates.
- The share boxes are offered along with 1 GB free mobile 3G internet by Ufone.
- Plus, these share boxes are not only available with free internet data but also with 50 free minutes by Ufone and a free McSwirl by McDonalds.
- In selected outlets of McDonalds, Ufone is also planning to setup 3G Video Wall so that Ufone customers can also enjoy video calling with their friends and loved ones that will be a total new experience.


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