Ufone 30 Second Call Package

Ufone 30 Second Call Package

In the present market place, every cellular company is providing very much exciting call packages for their customers but no doubt that ufone is in the front place in the chase. Ufone always presents very much affordable call packages for its customers. Ufone 30 Second Package is also among the wonderful ufone affordable call packages.

Ufone really wants that the need of ufone customers should be fulfilled at the minimum of charges and at the best of the quality of the services that are provided by ufone. That is why, 30 Second Package is proudly presented by ufone in which the rate will be charged per 30 second basis. Ufone customers can call to any network or any number of Pakistan for just 63 Paisa per 30 Second by subscribing to the ufone 30 second package. There is additional good news for the subscribers that there are no daily deductions on the subscription of ufone 30 second package.

So now ufone customers can make a call either to say hello or goodbye at the lowest rates at any time of the day. The package is valid and active 24 hours of a day. With this exciting Ufone 30 Second Package, ufone has once again proved its slogan that itís all about u!

Further details of the Ufone 30 Second Package are given below. So donít wait and just subscribe to this exciting offer today! Tariff details are given here:

-††††††††† Simple dial *444*3# or SMS 3 to 444 to subscribe to the affordable ufone 30 second call package.

-††††††††† From Ufone to Ufone, 63 paisa will be charged for 30 second at any time i.e. 24 hours a day.

-††††††††† From Ufone to other mobile networks and PTCL, 63 paisa will be charged for 30 second at any time i.e. 24 hours a day.

-††††††††† From ufone to international numbers, standard rates are applied for 24hours of a day.

-††††††††† For sms from Ufone to Ufone, Rs 1.50 per sms will be charged.

-††††††††† For sms from Ufone to other networks, Rs 1.50 per sms will be charged.

-††††††††† For sms from Ufone to international number, Rs 2.50 per sms will be charged.

Terms and conditions:

There are certain terms and conditions for the subscription of ufone 30second package which are mentioned below:

-††††††††† Rs.10+tax will be charged for one time subscription.

-††††††††† This package does not include friends and family numbers.

-††††††††† Those calls that will be made to free numbers as well as short codes, standard rates will be applied.

-††††††††† All of the charges are exclusive of any tax.

-††††††††† 19.5% FED is applied on usage as well as other taxes on recharge or bill.

-††††††††† Using a SIM which is not registered on your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime ó PTA



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