Telenor Remained The Worst Network For Consumers In 2014

Telenor Remained The Worst Network For Consumers In 2014 - PTA

PTA has recently released the annual stats filled report for the year 2014 which shows that Telenor has consistently remained the worst cellular network for its customers. this report clearly deals with the consumer protection part and reveals that PTA received thousands of complaints against cellular mobile operators (CMOs) in 2014. On the close analysis of this report, it is concluded that the maximum number of complaints were made against Telenor.

Telenor became the worst cellular network of Pakistan in 2014 as said by PTA and also verified in its annual statistics report. According to that report, 7372 consumers recorded their complaints against the company. It makes around 33% of the total complaints that are registered against the Norwegian operator.

On the other hand, Warid chares the smallest section of complaints as only 2,602 i.e. 12% of the total CMO complaints were recorded against Warid. Similarly, Ufone received just 4513 complaints in its part, making 20% of the total complaints. Although, Mobilink had shred the biggest in complaints reports during the last few years, but this year a drop is seen as just 4,224 complaints with 19% of total complaints were recorded against Mobilink. From top, Zong is the 4th one in the most complaint category as it makes just 16% share in the total.

Check below the Graph of Annual Stats Filled Report 2014 that is clearly showing the number of complaints recorded against each cellular mobile operator of Pakistan:

Telenor Remained The Worst Network For Consumers In 2014

On behalf of the market share statistics, Mobilink has the highest market share i.e. 28% while Telenor has 26%, Zong has 20%, Ufone has 16% while Warid has 9% market share of the total.



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