Telenor Refer a Friend Service


Telenor Pakistan is always seen brining innovative and unique services for its prepaid and postpaid users. This time, Telenor brings one of its kind offer Telenor Refer a Friend Service which is not yet been offered by any other cellular operator in Pakistan. With Telenor Refer a Friend Service, Telenor customers can win the lucky chance to get 30 on-net calling minutes absolutely free of charges.

So join Telenor family today to refer any of the Telenor services to your friends through Telenor Refer a Friend Service and win 30 Telenor to Telenor minutes absolutely FREE!!! You can also let your friends convert to telenor from any other network of Pakistan.

How to Subscribe:

  • Simply send SMS MENU to 6008. You can also dial *345*8006#from your Telenor connection.

How to Refer Telenor Service to Friends:

  • Reply in message with the service number of your choice <space> your friend number <space> your name. For e.g. 1 034XXXXXXXX Hina.
  • After you refer a service to friend, a notification SMS will be sent to your number.
  • For authentication, a notification will be received to your friend too.
  • Service will automatically be activated on your Friend number upon the successful authentication.
  • On the successful subscription, 30 On-Net minutes will be posted on your number.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only five referrals a day can be sent.
  • A referral cannot be sent to your own number by yourself.
  • For referring any service, there are no charges.
  • You will be blocked for sending any further referrals for 1 week period if 10 rejections against referral are made.
  • Any successful referred service cannot be sent for further 2 months period.


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