Telenor Introduces New Smart Postpaid Plans with 3G Data Bundles

Telenor announces new postpaid plans that are specially designed for Telenor postpaid customers to use 3G data as well.

With the new Telenor smart postpaid 3G plans, along with free minutes and SMS bundles, 3G data bundles are also included. It means that if Telenor postpaid customers choose these postpaid plans then they donít need to subscribe additionally for 3G data bundles and packages or even for free minutes and sms bundles by Telenor postpaid. both value added services i.e. SMS and 3G data are included in Telenor postpaid smart 3G and SMS tariffs. If it is required then on the top of basic incentives, additional voice, data or SMS bundles can also be selected by Telenor postpaid customers.

Telenorís Smart Postpaid Packages:

The details of new postpaid packages by Telenor are given below:

Telenorís Smart Postpaid Packages
-††††††††† After the consumption of free minutes, Rs. 1.5 per minute is the on-net call rate.
-††††††††† After the consumption of free minutes, Rs. 1.5 per minute is the off-net call rate.
-††††††††† After the consumption of free SMS, 50 paisa per SMS is the per SMS rate.
-††††††††† After consumption of free internet, 1paisa is the 2G/3G Internet Charges (per 10KB).
-††††††††† 1 minute is the Charging pulse for voice calls.
-††††††††† On both 2G and 3G, these 3G bundles will work and can be activated.


As we have mentioned earlier that on top of these basic packages, Telenor postpaid customers can also subscribe to different voice, data and SMS bundles. The details are given as follows:

Telenor addons

Video Calls:

Telenor has also announced free video calling for all of its postpaid customers if they are living in such an area where Telenor 3G is available. The details are given below for Telenorís free video calling:
-††††††††† On a 5 Minutes Basis, the charging of Video Call will be done at Rs.2/5 minutes.
-††††††††† For this purpose, a video call capable phone is required.
-††††††††† Both parties need to have video call capable phone plus both should be in Telenor 3G coverage area.
-††††††††† As per the relevant Data / Internet Rate, Hangout, Facetime, Skype and other OTT apps will be charged.


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