Telenor bSafe App

Telenor bSafe App

Telenor app store does not any introduction. The good news for all Telenor 3G users is that Telenor Pakistan has integrated a safety app “bSafe App” in its app store which is based on android platform. Telenor bSafe App is all about the creation of personal social safety network. If you want to let your friends and family members about the alarming happenings and situations or you want to be aware about what is going on around your loved ones on behalf of their safety issue, then Telenor bSafe App is the right 1st choice for you to download in your smartphone using Telenor 3G service.

One of the points that can confuse smartphone users is that this app is already present in the famous Google Play Store. It means that every android user no matter which network he belongs to can use this app with freedom. Then the confusing question arises here that why Telenor authorities is connecting bSafe App with its brand name.

Download Link:

Telenor bSafe android app can easily be downloaded from Telenor App store from the following link:

Features Of Telenor bSafe App:

Telenor bSafe App is a very useful App that we recommend every android user to download in their smartphone. For this purpose, the 1st necessity is setting up the individual’s own personal security network of family members, friends and co-workers who ever the person wants to add in the network. By downloading Telenor bSafe App different robust security network tasking can be performed that majorly include the following:

  • Sharing of location of members in the bSafe network to find each other on behalf of position and location.
  • Asking the network companions to walk other person home by using Follow Me live GPS trace feature.
  • Starting the automatic alarm by using Timer Mode that will alarm in case you do not check in the supposed time.
  • Telling the people in the security network about your location using I’m Here feature.
  • Making your smartphone to ring whenever you want by using Fake Call service of this app.
  • If in case you need help by any of your friend or family member, then Guardian Alert Button will send a notification immediately to them. Not only this, it will also acknowledge them about your current location via GPS in the form of video. Furthermore, a siren can also be set off to let the people in your surrounding know that you are in some risk, hazard or danger.


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