After effective closeout of 3g and 4g spectrum, every single cellular telephone client is presently sitting tight for the business launch of 3g administrations in the nation.

The data collected through the news which were coming, uncovered that in spite of winning the range, the business beginning of 3g administration may take a week or two at most.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said that it will hold License Award service after drivers will pay their remaining permit expense.

15% of earnest money is already with the PTA, while remaining license fee will be settled with-in a week or so”, said Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA in one of his interviews. According to him, a date will be set by PTA for the license award ceremony, once after settling all the payments clear.

“After getting the license and NOC from PTA, mobile phone companies can start 3G services very same day”, said the Chairman PTA in the same interview.

The operators are required to clear their dues before the ceremony therefore, the date of the event hasn’t been finalized yet. thus concluding that the mobile companies are left with a month for the clearance.

The good news is that the mobile users will not have to replace their sims to avail the benefits of this new arrival. All the mobile users will be able to use 3G services from their current sims. Moreover, the companies will keep testing their services for better network and connections.



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