Sindh Government Reduces Telecom Taxes From 19.5% To 18%

Sindh Government Reduces Telecom Taxes From 19.5% To 18%

Sindh Government reduces the services tax on Telecom sector†from 19.5% to 18%, thankfully!!! The reduction n Telecom services tax from 19.5% to 18% shall be applicable from 1st of July, 2015 to onward. After the application of new tax-rate, all customers of any mobile network can save Rs. 0.93 on each Rs. 100 card load.


After National Finance Commission Award, respective provincial governments were given freedom to adjust the rates of services taxes as per as the provincial needs individually and separately. Telecom taxes in Pakistan are the 4th highest in the whole world. On telecom services, all provinces (and federal government) were deducting 19.5% taxes. From this step, now on, Sindh Government will pay 18% taxes on telecom services in Sindh province.

All telecom operators of Pakistan appreciated this step and commented that taxes reduction should be rationalized as well as equal to the taxes that are charged as 15% on other sectors in Sindh, Pakistan. They further recommended that other provinces of Pakistan should also take such measure like Sindh to reduce tax-rate for telecom sector. Letís see how much the provincial governments of Pakistan consider this advice. Stay connected with SimsPK for further updates!!!


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