Re-Verify Your SIM before 26Feb to Avoid Blocking- PTA

All Telecom SIM users in Pakistan need to re-verify their connections with biometric verification system till February 26th, 2015. All stakeholders, cellular companies, Interior Ministry, Ministry of IT and Telecom and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Pakistan are agreed to this final judgment. After 26th February 2015, all unverified SIMs will be blocked.

SIM Re-Verification Phases:

The SIMs will be verified in 2 phases that are further detailed below:


  • First phase of SIM Re-verification will start from 12th January, 2015 till 26th February, 2015.
  • SIMs in Karachi, Peshawar, DI Khan, DG Khan Cities, Border Areas (FATA) & Baluchistan Province will be verified.
  • Subscribers in Rest of Pakistan who have more than 3 SIMs per CNIC will be verified.
  • On 27th February 2015, all UN-verified SIMs from above list will be blocked belonging to the category of SIMs to be blocked after First Phase.


  • Second phase of SIM Re-verification will start from 27th February.
  • Subscribers across Pakistan with 2 or less SIMs per CNIC per operator will be verified.
  • On 14th April 2015, all UN-verified SIMs will be blocked belonging to the category of SIMs to be blocked after Second Phase.

SIM Re-Verification Process by BVS:

  • By sending CNIC number without dashes to 668, check total number of SIMs against a CNIC.
  • A message will be received about the details of the count of SIMs on all mobile operators registered on the particular CNIC number.
  • Visit the nearest service center, franchise or retail outlet of the telecom operator.
  • The original CNIC must be carried along with.
  • Give the thumb impression for biometric verification of your SIM.
  • After verifying your SIM, a list of SIMs will be displayed registered against your CNIC via SMS.
  • Keep the SIMs with you by Biometric verification that you want to. While those SIMs that do not belong to you can be blocked.

Rules for SIM Re-Verification:

  • Each and every SIM will have to be re-verified by BVS.
  • When going for SIM re-verification, original CNIC must be kept along with.
  • After the deadline, all unverified SIMs will automatically be blocked.
  • A maximum of 5 SIMs can be owned by one individual on single CNIC.
  • Cellular operators will be free to re-sell SIMs to anyone after 180 days of SIMs getting blocked.
  • All mobile phone users will have to pay Rs. 10 per CNIC for re-verification of SIMs of each operator.



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