Punjab Government Imposing Tax On Mobile Internet

Punjab Government Imposing Tax On Mobile Internet

Punjab Government decides to impose 19.5% tax on mobile data usage across the province. It is the same tax that was previously assured to be withdrawn during the presentation of the budget 2015-16. That famous News Resource “The News” has also given the complete details. We are just waiting for an official notification by Punjab Government regarding application of 19.5% tax on mobile data usage in Punjab.


As per our sources from Pakistan Revenue Authority, a revised SRO will be coming to publicized very soon that will show all clear picture of Punjab government U-Turn regarding imposing of tax on mobile internet usage in Punjab. It is also expected that the taxes will not be imposed on DSL users.

It is also worth noting that the federal government has already imposed 14% withholding tax that is collected individually by the telecom operators. In addition, the provincial government has also imposed 19.5% GST. So it means that ultimately, internet users will be paying around 33% tax. Are you in favor of this decision??? Share your comments with us on our FB Page.



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