PTCL never fails to surprise its users with the best calling rates and packages and this is why it is the best telecom service in Pakistan that takes cares of all the needs of the people keeping in mind all the requirements. Now PTCL has come up with the super Sunday offer and in this offer it provides all the new and existing PTCL landline customers the opportunity to make unlimited calls from their landline numbers on the PTCL network numbers for 24 hours for free on every Sunday. Now all the PTCL number customers will then be able to make unlimited calls from their PTCL Landline on the PTCL network for an entire day on Sundays. As in accordance with the promotion of the PTCL landline Telephones rent will now be increased from the existing Rs.174 every month to Rs.199 every month and this increase will be then compensated by the free on net calls to all the PTCL numbers on Sundays.

Features of the offer:

  • PTCL landline provides customized packages and amazing call rates in accordance with the customer needs.
  • PTCL land line provides the best and most affordable rates
  • The PTCL landline offers the clear and unmatched quality for the voice call. The clarity is simply amazing and mind blowing and you will surely love it without any doubt.
  • The speed of the connectivity is certainly the fastest all around the country.

Advantages of the offer:

The advantages of this offer are surely very great and amazing. The offer provides the following advantages and they are mentioned as follows.

  • 24 hours freedom of calling for unlimited time to the PTCL network numbers offering great amount of freedom to you.
  • You can talk at any time you want without any interruption or delay in the duration allowing you to gossip all day long with your loved ones and family members.
  • As PTCL promises to provide amazing customer service, it provides a great network service in this offer. The network is without any interruption and without any doubt the best in the offer. You will be connected in the whole day and the call will not disconnect until you want. As far as the voice quality is concerned, you will get the finest voice clarity and there will be no disturbance for sure in the duration.
  • You can call the PTCL helpline anytime you want and they will help you out in the best way possible providing you complete assistance in the times you have any sort of query. Feel free to call the operator and get all the information you want within seconds. If even there is any sort of disturbance in your line, then a technician would come from PTCL and will solve your issue with a guarantee of the finest service and great advantage.


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