PTCL Starts Re-Verification of Its EVO and Nitro Customers

PTCL Starts Re-Verification of Its EVO and Nitro Customers

PTCL has started verifying its EVO and Nitro customers in Pakistan. As cellular companies are also in full zenith to verify its customers on behalf of their SIMs using Biometric Verification System, PTCL also join the pace as it announces to start the verification process of PTCL EVO and PTCL Nitro customers.

The reason for online form verification system is that PTCL has more than 2 million EVO and Nitro customers which is a difficult task to be verified by the regulator or the government. Also, these connections are not voice enabled and are mainly used for internet provision only.

How to Verify PTCL EVO and Nitro Devices:

For the verification of PTCL EVO and PTCL Nitro connection, customers do not need to do anything or to go anywhere, rather a web-form will be displayed to them automatically where they will have to submit their contact details for verification.When customer will be using their EVO or Nitro devices, a webpage (displayed below) will pop up, asking them to input their contact details including name, CNIC number, email address, postal address etc.

Prize Offered:

To appreciate the verification of EVO and Nitro devices, PTCL is also offering PTCL 3G EVO Tab by means of a lucky draw to those lucky customers who will submit their information through the web form for the device verification.




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