PTCL Offers Free WiFi

PTCL Offers Free WiFi

PTCL brings amazing Free WiFi Offer on all Islamabad & Rawalpindi Metro Buses. Free PTCL WiFi is not only offered on all Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro buses, but also offered on all bus stations that are present on this route. This is further confirmed by a statement that is mentioned on PTCL website.


  • As per PTCL official website, ‘free internet will be offered through WiFi and anyone travelling through recently inaugurated Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro service will be able to use the service’.
  • PTCL will give high-quality internet WiFi service to almost 40,000 passengers in the newly inaugurated Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro bus service in one day.
  • Charji service will power the entire free WiFi network in the metro bus service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi route.



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