PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network is an analog, copper wire system which has been recently employed by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) for transmission of calls throughout the country. PSTN is composed of copper wires, fiber optic cables, microwave transmission cables and undersea lines which form a complex network of wires for the transmission of phone calls. PTCL has claimed that the use of PSTN has resulted in an increase in the number of PTCL landline subscribers.

PTCL has taken advantage of this inflow of subscribers to release a new calling package which offers the users to make unlimited calls all around the country at a fixed and relatively small rate. The National telephone service provider company has compelled the new subscribers to use this bundle and made it mandatory for them. But in contrary to that, it is not compulsory for the existing customers to buy the package and have the liberty of using it or not.

PTCL Freedom Unlimited Package offers the subscribers to make unlimited monthly calls to anywhere within Pakistan for as low as Rs. 250 per month for Single Play Freedom Package customers and for just Rs. 499 per month for Double Play Freedom Package customers. Single Play Freedom Package customers are those users which are already using the company’s broadband internet while Double Play Freedom Package customers are those which have not subscribed to the broadband internet. A substitute for the old ‘Pakistan package’, PTCL Freedom Unlimited package does not contain any hidden charges, line rent or maintenance costs.

The introduction of PTCL Freedom Unlimited Package has earned rave reviews from the customers with people happy about the PSTN service, voice clarity and no maintenance issues. They have also appreciated the low rates of the bundle. People working away from their families are especially pleased about the fact that they can call their homes for as long as they wish without any worry about the cost of the call.

The PTCL Freedom Unlimited Package is flexible in the sense that not only the new customers, but also the old ones can avail this offer without having to pay any extra charges. But the subscribers will be charged with standard rates if they make any international or PTCL to mobile phone calls. However, calls from PTCL to Vfone network will be covered in this package.

In modern day world, technology has a huge role to play in the development of a country. The infrastructure like internet and telephones are very important in our daily life activities and by introducing such a cheap and efficient calling package, PTCL has once again proved that it is one of the frontrunners to bring advancement and prosperity to the country. By providing flawless broadband, wireless internet, landline telephone and smart TV services, PTCL is playing a vital part in educating the citizens of Pakistan about the new advancements in communication science and living up to its slogan ‘hello to the future’ in a very exemplary way.


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