PTCL Call Tariff - International / DomesticSince after privatization, PTCL has proven to be a leading telecom company in Pakistan. It has surely brought great attention of people by coming up with amazing domestic and international call tariffs that are loved by people like anything. The mission and the core values of PTCL have inspired many people and they are as follows:


Their mission is to achieve their vision by doing the following:

  • Having an organizational environment that promotes professionalism, quality, and motivation.
  • Having an environment that is quality conscious and cost effective
  • Services that are dependent on the best and optimum technology
  • Customer service that time and quality conscious
  • Steady growth in profitability and earnings
  • Great professional integrity
  • Amazing team work
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Company loyalty

Core values

PTCL has great customized call tariff for international and domestic regions. From landline to mobile the charges are Rs. 2.50 per minute and from land line to land line and Vfone the charges are Rs.1.10. This makes it really easy for the one to talk from land line to land line as the rates very much less and cost effective. Now you can talk for hours and do ample amount of gossips with the lowest rates possible. The advantages of the domestic calling rates are follows:

  • Call any land line number in Pakistan with the lowest possible rates and talk for hours without any issue
  • Better connectivity and clearer line
  • Call to any mobile network anywhere in Pakistan with the lowest rates and enjoy talking for hours and do all the gossip you can
  • Connectivity to mobile numbers is even clear and good
  • No interference or any sort of disturbance in the calls
  • Faster connectivity

PTCL even offers international call tariffs that are also cheaper and are divided in different zones and in those zones there are different calling rates in different countries. This allows greater convenience to call any of your relative living in some other country. There are various advantages provided by the international call tariffs and such different zones for the convenience of the users and they are mentioned as follows:

  • Customized call rates to different countries under different zones
  • Better and faster connectivity to all the international land line and mobile numbers
  • No lag or interference in the calls and outstanding call quality
  • Cheaper rates for more and more hours of talking
  • All the countries are divided in the zones and hence you know what rates are for what country.

These rates and packages prove that PTCL is constantly working towards the benefits of people and has the main aim of providing pure customer satisfaction as mentioned in their vision. The company does that providing the best quality service and keeping in mind all sorts of the needs of the customers.


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