PTCL Brings Discounted Rates

PTCL brings an attractive offer for all new EVO Wingle customers “PTCL Discounted Rate Offer on New EVO Wingle Purchase”. With this offer, all new EVO wingle users can enjoy the unbelievable discounted rates of just Rs. 1,250 on the purchase of new EVO Wingle device. Not only the purchase, but the line rent will also be just Rs. 1,250. The usual price and line rent of usual EVO Wingle device was used to be Rs. 1500.

The best thing about this offer is that those EVO users who have not used their EVO wingle device since 30th of July 2014 will also be eligible to enjoy the discounted line-rent of just Rs. 1250. Further details of new discounted rates of purchase and line rent of PTCL EVO Wingle device is given below:

New PTCL EVO Wingle Device Promotion:

  • Before 31st December 2014, purchase a new PTCL EVO Wingle device with 20 GB package and enjoy the discounted monthly line rent of Rs 1,250 for one whole year.
  • Those old and existing PTCL EVO Wingle customers who have not used their devices since 30th July 2014 will automatically be qualified for this offer and enjoy a monthly line rent of only Rs. 1250 for one year period.
  • Upon the 1st card load (i.e. before 31st December 2014), the discounted line rent is dependent.

Offer Details:

  • Package Name: PTCL EVO Wingle device.
  • Usual Line-Rent: Rs. 1,500.
  • Discounted Line-Rent: Just Rs. 1,250.
  • Monthly Data-Usage Limit: 20GB/month.
  • Billing Mode: Prepaid, Postpaid both.
  • Additional Usage: Additional usage will be charged at Rs. 0.15/MB on prepaid connection & Rs. 150/GB on postpaid connection.

Where to Avail New EVO Wingle:

  • All PTCL One Stop Shop.
  • Authorized PTCL retail outlets.
  • Selected TCS Outlets.

Terms and Conditions:

  • If a customer loads his/her card before 31st December 2014, he/she shall not be eligible for this EVO Wingle promotion offer.
  • Upon the 1st card load (i.e. before 31st December 2014), the discounted line rent is dependent.
  • This offer is available for all those new EVO wingle users who purchase a new EVO wingle device before 31st December 2014 and all those existing EVO subscribers who have not used their wingle device since 30th of July 2014.
  • If the existing customers undergo package conversion, then they shall not be eligible for this offer.
  • 20 GB will be the data usage limit for the complimentary month.
  • With both prepaid and postpaid billing mode, this offer is valid.
  • All subscribers on this package will automatically be switching off to the usual 20GB packages for EVO Wingle upon the expiry of discount offer i.e. 31st December 2014.


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