PTA Soon to Auction Remaining 3G & 4G Licenses before June

PTA Soon to Auction Remaining 3G & 4G Licenses before June

It has been confirmed by SimsPK sources that Government of Pakistan is soon to auction remaining 3G and 4G spectrum licenses ceremony within 3 months period. As the officials of Ministry of IT, it is confirmed that The Ministry of Finance has directed the responsible and PTA to auction the remaining spectrum of 3G and 4G network for Next Generation Mobile Services before June i.e. within 3months of the current financial year.


This is the reason why, State Minister for IT and Telecom, Anusha Rehman, has invited international telecom companies including Telenor, VimpleCom and Etisalat during her latest meeting in Barcelona Spain after the closing of The World Mobile Congress 2015. International telecom companies were invited for the reason that they assure their participation in forthcoming spectrum auction for Next Generation Mobile Services in Pakistan.

Last year, next generation spectrum auction was very much successful in Pakistan but some spectrum remained unsold in including 1,800 MHz, 850 MHz, and 2100 MHz spectrums. It happened because government of Pakistan received a less expected amount of revenue. Despite of all this, government is again looking forward in its dedication to sell out more licenses of Next generation Mobile services (NGMS) to the telecom companies.

In the participation of Next Generation Mobile Services in Pakistan, the international telecom companies have showed great interest. But it is still to unleash that whether they would actually take part to buy spectrum licenses or notů Stay connected with us through SimsPK social love for further updates!!!



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