Mobilink WiFi Devices with 25GB Monthly Internet

Mobilink WiFi Devices with 25GB Monthly Internet

Mobilink has already announced Mobilink USB Dongles for its valued customers. SimsPK brings yet good news for all Mobilink 3G users that Mobilink is soon going to announce the availability of Mobilink Jazz WiFi Device in Pakistan. With amazing Mobilink WiFi Devices, users will be able to enjoy the fastest speed of Mobilink 3G internet on the go.

Mobilink WiFi device will be available be monthly 3G internet bundles of exciting volume limits. With Mobilink WiFi devices, customers will be able to create a hotspot for WiFi connectivity of up to 10 devices without any difficulty. Currently, Mobilink 3G is present in 34 cities of Pakistan. So we hope that users will make the most of Mobilink WiFi too.

Prices of Mobilink WiFi and Dongle:

One-time prices of Mobilink WiFi and Dongles across Pakistan are below mentioned:

  • Mobilink WiFi Device: 3,000
  • Mobilink Dongle Device: Rs. 1,500

3G Bundles of Mobilink WiFi and Dongle:

Customers can subscribe to given 3G bundles for their Mobilink WiFi and USB Dongles devices:

  • Monthly 15GB at just Rs. 1,500 per month (Data limit of 15 GBs/month).
  • Monthly 25GB at just Rs. 2,000 per month (Data limit of 25 GBs/month).


  • Mobilink WiFi device will be available at Mobilink business centers across Pakistan.

Difference between Mobilink Dongle and WiFi Devices:

  • WiFi: can be operated without USB socket and can easily be run on battery for 6 hours. It creates WiFi hotspot.
  • Dongle: needs a Computer/Laptop USB socket to operate. It does not create WiFi Hotspot, rather it be used in a single PC.


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