Mobilink launches Toffee TV, Educational Content Platform for Kids
Mobilink launches Toffee TV, Educational Content Platform for Kids

Mobilink Pakistan in collaboration with launches Toffee TV. Mobilink’s Toffee TV is an application which is designed for educational reason that will present content absolutely designed for kids. Teachers and parents can also subscribe to this application of Toffee TV by Mobilink. With try of encouraging the education of Urdu language by kids, Mobilink has initiated the launch of Toffee TV application. Kids will learn Urdu language by means of interactive graphical content, stories, rhymes and learning activities. Videos, rhymes, stories and songs will be provided in Urdu on Toffee TV that will surely help in learning of the Urdu language.

The Head of Data at Mobilink, Aamer Manzoor, commenting on the launch of Toffee TV said, “With the launch of Toffee TV Mobilink aims to make possible a motivating learning experience for kids, parents and teachers. I am sure that this partnership will have a constructive impact on the approach kids learn Urdu language

This application is available for all Mobilink prepaid customers who can download and subscribe to Toffee TV on monthly basis. The subscription to this application let parents as well as teachers to watch and download full-length Toffee TV videos on their devices either computer, mobile phones, tablets etc.  The monthly subscription charges are just Rs. 100 plus tax.



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