Mobilink Launches Smart Office Solutions for Businesses & Entrepreneurs
Mobilink Launches Smart Office Solutions for Businesses & Entrepreneurs
Mobilink Launches Smart Office Solutions for Businesses & Entrepreneurs
Mobilink Launches Smart Office Solutions for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Mobilink Business suite is full of Smart Office and a variety of other services that can surely prove that Mobilink is the number one solution-service provider for businesses and companies. Mobilink introduces an exclusive brand new service for businesses and enterprises, named as Mobilink Smart Office Solutions.

With the launch of Mobilink Smart Office, not a single Mobilink customer would need costly PABX tools as Mobilink Smart Office Solutions can bitterly and easily converts the mobile phone of Mobilink user into an extension. So, dont wait and start using Mobilink Smart Office Solutions in your business so you could make the most of all benefits a usual telephone exchange facility on the official Mobilink mobile numbers of the employees of enterprise.

Not only this, Mobilink Smart Office service gives you the extensive feature set of Smart Office Solutions. There is automation provided in the form of an IVR menu smart operator called as with each Mobilink Smart Office. The smart operator is meant to forward calls to the suitable employee. On the basis of working and non-working hours, different menus and options are also set. Furthermore, a long list of other services is also incorporated in Mobilink Smart Office Solutions that mainly include blacklisted callers, welcome/goodbye messages, high priority callers and much more.

Features Of Mobilink Smart Office Solutions:

With the purchase of Mobilink Smart Office Solutions, you can easily manage all aspects of your business and can be a successful business man. The administrator of Mobilink Smart Office Solutions can easily enjoy the following specifications of Mobilink Smart Office Solutions:

- Assigning the extensions.
- Tracking of call usage and logs.
- Customizing the voice menus.
- Setting the voice menus.
- Retrieving of voice mail.
- Access to further additional Mobilink Smart Office features.

Mobilink Smart Office Solutions Plans And Tariffs:

  1. Smart Office Basic

- Up to 50 extensions: 100 PKR / extension

  1. Smart Office Advance

- Up to 50 extensions: 150 PKR / extension
- Up to 100 extensions: 130 PKR / extension
- Up to 250 extensions: 120 PKR / extension
- Up to 500 extensions: 100 PKR / extension
- More than 500 Extensions: 80 PKR/ extension

  1. Monthly Calling Plans

Plan Name Minutes Price
Smart Office Starter 5,000 7000 PKR
Smart Office Value 10,000 13,000 PKR
Smart Office Ace 15,000 18,000 PKR
Smart Office Max 25,000 28,500 PKR

Mobilinks Build Your Own Plan:

Mobilink also offers Build Your Own Plan in Mobilink Smart Office Solutions if you are not satisfied with the given plans of Mobilink Smart Office Solutions. In Build Your Own Plan, the number of extensions can be customized as well as Bolt-Ons can be added. Bolt-Ons are used to allow employees to talk to clients.

The details of Mobilink Build Your Own Plan are given here:


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