Mobilink Jazz Re-Verification SIM Offer

Mobilink Jazz Re-Verification SIM Offer

After Zong launched their Re-Verification SIM Offer, Now Mobilink brings an electrifying offer for all its customers in Pakistan by means of re-verification of SIMs. Since, PTA and Pakistani government has set it mandatory for all telecom operators to sell their individual SIMs after proper Biometric Re-verification system, Mobilink is bringing exclusive SIM re-verification offer for its users. Mobilink and Jazz is welcoming its customers from all over Pakistan to its Customers Service centers, Franchise or retailers to biometrically re-verify all SIMs before 26th February, 2015 by offering Mobilink SIM re-verification offer 2015.

With Mobilink SIM re-verification offer 2015, verify your SIM by biometric verification system and make calls to unlimited numbers absolutely free of charges as Mobilink is offering 100% balance on every recharge without any deductions by re-verifying the Mobilink and Jazz SIMs. May be, Mobilink did it so on behalf of apprehension of losing subscribers base. That is why, Mobilink free offer on SIM re-verification will force customers to verify their SIMs to continue with Mobilink network.

Check below the details of Mobilink SIM re-verification offer 2015 for all Mobilink customers in Pakistan.

How to Subscribe:

  • Visit Mobilink Customers Service centers, Franchise or retailers along with your Mobilink SIM and original CNIC.
  • Re-verify your SIM through Biometric Verification System (BVS).
  • Now, simply dial *277# to subscribe to Mobilink & Jazz SIM re-verification offer via BVS.

Free Benefits Offered:

  • Mobilink and Jazz users will get 100% balance on every recharge without any deductions after the re-verification of their SIM via BVS.
  • Very soon, free minutes, SMS and MBís will also be offered by this offer according to the customer representative that will be acknowledged via SMS notification.


  • The 100% Recharge offer on Mobilink SIM re-verification will be valid for the same day till 12AM.



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