Mobilink Installs Largest Biometric Verification System in 300 Cities
Mobilink Installs Largest Biometric Verification System in 300 Cities

Mobilink has finished the installation of 9,405 Biometric Verification devices in 300 cities of Pakistan. T can be considered as one of the largest biometric verification system installation in Pakistan.

As per the new policy of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) that no SIM can be activated or sold without biometric verification, each telecom company in Pakistan devising and launching their new system consequently. After this mandatory instruction, all telecom operators of Pakistan started the race of installing BVS in far and distant, small big regions of the country. Therefore, Mobilink launches the largest biometric verification system across Pakistan.

Earlier in august, Ufone has also exhibited its Biometric Verification system which it started in 200 cities of Pakistan. Now, Mobilink expands BVS Network to cover 300 cities all over Pakistan in order to give maximum coverage. It is seen that it is counted as the largest BVS among all telecom companies of Pakistan. Furthermore, Mobilink deployed 9,405 BVS devices all over the country and extended its telecom sector strength.

The Director Sales at Mobilink, Moied Javeed, commenting on the launch said, “Mobilink had all the time been at the vanguard for working with the government and the authorities to guarantee that it implements perfect mechanisms in Pakistan for ensuring that only customers who are eligible can purchase SIMs. We are pleased to declare the successful deployment of BVS of Mobilink across Pakistan”.


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