Mobilink Auto Reply Service
Mobilink Auto Reply Service

“Mobilink Auto-Reply” is a brand new innovative service by the hearty network of Pakistan. Mobilink with which Mobilink customers can send pre-recorded messages to the unanswered incoming calls. A customized pre-recorded audio message is played to the not answered incoming call by the subscribers of Mobilink Auto Reply service.

So if you are busy and can’t attend any important call, Mobilink Auto Reply service will attend the call when it goes unanswered, or if your number is busy or if in case you reject any call due to some reason. With this unique service, let your incoming callers to know about the reason of un-availability via a through selected/pre-recorded audio messages or an audio message recorded in your voice without receiving the call.

The Head of Value Added Services at Mobilink, Kamran Moeen, commenting on the launch of this offer said, “The launch of Mobilink Auto Reply endorses our commitment to introduce the best value-added services to provide our customers with a better every day. I expect the launch of this service will compliment the customer experience that Mobilink’s family of over 38 Million associates with us.”

How To Subscribe:

-       For subscription, simply send SMS ‘SUB’ to 7071 or dial 7071 and press 1 after selecting the desirable language.
-       Charges are just Rs. 0.20+tax/SMS or Rs. 0.20+tax/min, depending upon the subscription method.

How To UN-Subscribe:

-       For UN-subscription, simply send SMS ‘Unsub’ to 7071
-       Charges are just Rs. 0.20+tax/SMS

Subscription Charges:

For Prepaid Customers: subscription charges of this service are just Rs. 2.5+tax/week.
For Postpaid Customers: subscription charges of this service are just Rs. 20+tax/month.

Additional Features:

-       You can record message in your own voice by dialing 7071
-       By sending SMS ‘OFF’ to 7071, this service can be temporarily switched off. This not UN-subscription. In this case, service charges will continually be deducted. Send SMS ‘ON’ to 7071 to resume to auto reply messages.
-       By sending the below tabled keywords for specific required message, subscribers can continue to keep temporary messages for half an hour.
-       The default message of this service is “Ye user abhi masroof hai. Please SMS karein. Shukariya”.
-       Particular messages for different MSISDNs can also be set by the subscribers.

Sms Keywords:

-       The following keywords can be changed used and sent to 7071 to use different functions of this service as pictured in the below table:

SMS to 7071 Description
SUB To subscribe.
UNSUB To unsubscribe service.
ON To switch on service.
OFF To temporarily switch off service.

-       For specific situations, temporary messages for 30 minutes intervals can also be availed. This can be done by sending the reason name to 7071 and setting the message for 30 minutes.
-       Simply send SMS ‘Reset’ to 7071 to reset to the default message.

BUSY To play message that you are busy.
DINNER To play message that you are at dinner.
DRIVE To play message that you are driving.
FLIGHT To play message that you are in the flight.
LUNCH To play message that you are at lunch.
MEETING To play message that you are in a meeting.
SLEEP To play message that you are sleeping.
SMS To play message when you are not able to receive calls.
NAMAZ To play message when you are praying


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