Mobile Services to Remain Blocked In Lahore during Zimbabwe Team Visit

After 6yers, the revival of International Cricket in Pakistan is expected as the Zimbabwe Cricket team has left for Pakistan to play series of matches. Therefore, the mobile phone services in Lahore have been decided to remain blocked due to the sensitive security concerns and issues. The cellular operators as well as the customers have to bear the cost of this revival on behalf of ‘No Mobile Signals’ in Lahore.


  • The path between Gaddafi stadium and the hotel where the Zimbabwe team is going to stay, will not host the mobile signals any longer.
  • Because of any security risk (as decided by Interior Department Punjab), the mobile services of entire Lahore can be shut down also.
  • During training in addition to match days, helicopters will hover overhead as well as all over the routes and the stadium.
  • Furthermore, at undisclosed positions, 20 snipers will also be deployed so as to ensure State Guest Security for the Zimbabwe team.

Such further security steps have been taken along with the mobile service suspension in Lahore. Let’s see what happens more as per security concerns and mobile services are concerned. Stay connected with SimsPK!!!

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