How to Find IMEI Number of Your Mobile Phone

IMEI number is a specifically assigned number to every phone. It is basically can be said as the identity code of any mobile phone. IMEI number is required to be known by every mobile phone user. IMEI number helps you to block your mobile phone in case of any theft so that any illegal action could not be made via your mobile phone or else you will be accountable for that crime too. Furthermore, if you will be known to the IMEI code of your mobile phone, at least you can give a good lesson to the thieves by disabling the handset. The method to find IMEI code of any mobile phone by simspk is highlighted below:

  • Simply dial *#06# from your mobile phone.
  • The IMEI number of that particular mobile phone shall appear on the mobile screen.
  • Note down or save IMEI number so that it can be best used whenever needed in case of any mishap.


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