How to Get SIM Registration Information from Your SIM

Your SIM can be used as a massive tool to find the details of SIM registration Information. Basically, SIM registration Information should be checked by every mobile phone and every network user. SIM registration Information lets you know about the number and other details of the SIMs that are registered on your CNIC number. So get the SIM registration Information against your NIC to get rid of extra SIMs that you actually do not hold. The method of SIM registration Information on your NIC by SimsPk is detailed below:

  • Simply write your CNIC number (without dashes) in message.
  • Send it to 668
  • SIM registration Information on your NIC will be received.
  • If any SIM you find does not belong to you, visit the concerned franchise of the cellular company along with your original CNIC to block that particular SIM.


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