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Ufone Call Packages - Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Ufone Call Packages

Ufone provides its customer a complete set of new call packages to call from U to U (On-Net) and Ufone to other networks (Off-Net) Packages. Its impossible for other competitors to beat Ufone Call Packages of 2018.

Call Packages by Ufone:

Following are the Ufone call packages elaborated from hourly limit to monthly UN-Limited calls.

Ufone Hourly Call Package:

Ufone Presents 3 different hourly call packages of ufone, see the list below:

You should go for Ufone Power Hour offer if your need is for an hour or you just want to subscribe hourly call package by ufone, Another exciting call package for 2 hours is also presented by ufone, See here for Ufone 2 Hourly call package. If you are in Karachi and want ufone call package specially for karachi, check it here, you can make unlimited calls to all over Pakistan to Ufone and also on PTCL and Vfone.

Ufone 24 Hour call package is another call bucket by ufone for 24 hours, that means that the offer will be expired at 12AM of the day of subscription. This offer is named 24 ghantay call offer by ufone, look here.

Ufone Daily Call Packages :

There are 2 Ufone daily call offers, Ufone Daily Pakistan call package (Get 100 Call minutes in Rs 10 by dialing *888#) and through ufone location based offer for every city of Pakistan is described below.

Ufone Daily Call Package – Location Based :

By subscribing LBC offer, subscriber will get UN-Limited Calls for 24 Hours from Ufone to Ufone, to Vfone and PTCL. Have a look at the table below for details including activation code for ufone call buckets:


Ufone Weekly Call Packages:

There are two weekly call packages offered by Ufone:

  1. Ufone Pakistan Weekly Call Package.
  2. Ufone Super Weekly Call Package.
  • Through Ufone 7 Days call bucket you will get 700 Mins for both Ufone and landline, Detail here.
  • And get 75 Minutes for all networks in just Rs. 100 by subscribing Ufone Super Weekly offer (Through this offer you can make calls from ufone to other networks), see more details of the package here.

Ufone Monthly Call Packages:

The best ufone call package for 30 days is the Ufone Super Card Plus, Get much more than just the minutes by subscribing super card plus.

Ufone’s Local and International Call Packages:

Call Bundles of Ufone come into the mind when you are talking about reducing distances and bring loved ones closer. The network carrier has certainly become a reliable brand used by people all across Pakistan. There are also Packages offered by Ufone for Saudia, Dubai (UAE) to abroad by subscribing any Ufone International Call Package.

One of the most prominent choice for Ufone customers is to choose their desired call package from Ufone Call Packages Daily On-Net, to other Networks and to Ufone monthly unlimited call buckets.

  • When you need to stay connected in the lowest possible rates or even free, Simply add FNF (Friends n Family) number and there is a wide range of Ufone call buckets to make free ufone calls.

Ufone Postpaid Call Packages [Fr0m U-49 t0 U-3999]:


Ufone Postpaid Call Packages, also known as, Ufone Postpay Call Packages Ultra, facilitate customers with the best of calling needs, SMS as well as Ufone Internet connectivity.

Broadly, Ufone offers the following eight (8) Ufone Call Packages for Postpaid Users, the detail below describes all the information about every Ufone Call Package for Postpaid Users:

1. Ufone U-49 Postpaid Call Package:

  • Rent / Month: Rs. 49 + Tax.
  • On-Net Mins: 40 Mins
  • Off-Net Mins: 24 Mins
  • SMS(s): Nill
  • Internet: 40 MBs
  • Security deposit (local): Rs. 400
  • Security deposit (International): Rs. 1500
  • Roaming charges: Rs. 15000

2. Ufone U-99 Postpaid Call Package:

  • Rent / Month: Rs. 99 + Tax.
  • On-Net Mins: 40 Mins
  • Off-Net Mins: 40 Mins
  • SMS(s): Nill
  • Internet: 40 MBs
  • Security deposit (local): Rs. 400
  • Security deposit (International): Rs. 1500
  • Roaming charges: Rs. 15000

3. Ufone U-299 Postpaid Call Package:

  • Rent / Month: Rs. 299 + Tax.
  • On-Net Mins: 150 Mins
  • Off-Net Mins: 150 Mins
  • SMS(s): 50
  • Internet: 300 MBs
  • Security deposit (local): Rs. 800
  • Security deposit (International): Rs. 1500
  • Roaming charges: Rs. 15000

4. Ufone U-599 Postpaid Call Package:

  • Rent / Month: Rs. 599 + Tax.
  • On-Net Mins: 300 Mins
  • Off-Net Mins: 300 Mins
  • SMS(s): 100
  • Internet: 600 MBs
  • Security deposit (local): Rs. 1500
  • Security deposit (International): Rs. 2300
  • Roaming charges: Rs. 15000

5. Ufone U-999 Postpaid Call Package:

  • Rent / Month: Rs. 999 + Tax.
  • On-Net Mins: 500 Mins
  • Off-Net Mins: 500 Mins
  • SMS(s): 200
  • Internet: 1000 MBs
  • Security deposit (local): Rs. 2300
  • Security deposit (International): Rs. 2500
  • Roaming charges: Rs. 15000

6. Ufone U-1499 Postpaid Call Package:

  • Rent / Month: Rs. 1499 + Tax.
  • On-Net Mins: 750 Mins
  • Off-Net Mins: 750 Mins
  • SMS(s): 300
  • Internet: 1500 MBs
  • Security deposit (local): Rs. 2800
  • Security deposit (International): Rs. 3000
  • Roaming charges: Rs. 15000

7. Ufone U-1999 Postpaid Call Package:

  • Rent / Month: Rs. 1999 + Tax.
  • On-Net Mins: 3000 Mins
  • Off-Net Mins: 1000 Mins
  • SMS(s): 500
  • Internet: 2000 MBs
  • Security deposit (local): Rs. 3300
  • Security deposit (International): Rs. 3500
  • Roaming charges: Rs. 15000

8. Ufone U-1999 Postpaid Call Package:

  • Rent / Month: Rs. 1999 + Tax.
  • On-Net Mins: 10,000 Mins
  • Off-Net Mins: 1500 Mins
  • SMS(s): UN-Limited
  • Internet: 4000 MBs
  • Security deposit (local): Rs. 5800
  • Security deposit (International): Rs. 6000
  • Roaming charges: Rs. 15000

Terms for Ufone Postpaid:

Those customers who subscribe for Ufone Postpay Call Offers U49, and U99 packages will be charged for Paper Bill and E-Bill charges that are given below:

  1. Paper Bill Charges: Rs. 50
  2. E-Bill Charges: Rs. 10
  3. Paper + E-Bill Charges: Rs. 50

Payment Options for Ufone Postpaid Customers:

  • Ufone Scratch Cards
  • Paythrough ULoad
  • Ufone Sales & Service Centers
  • Direct Debit, 1 Link ATM at MCB & NIB, NADRA Kiosks
  • International Recharge, Phone Banking, Online Banking as well as UPaisa Wallet Options.

Make sure to pay your Bill in time to avoid service discontinuity of Ufone Voice Bundle of your choice.

Ufone SMS Packages here & Ufone 3G Internet Packages here.

So, We have covered all the Call Packages offered by Ufone, Following are the other Ufone Call Bundles you might be interested in: