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Jazz Packages

Jazz is one of the best leading telecommunications services provider in Pakistan and is providing number of Jazz Packages (former Mobilink) with around 58 million subscribers and the 36 percent market sharers.

Mobilink Jazz Packages

The headquarters of Mobilink Jazz are in Islamabad. There are different mobile phone networks in Pakistan that has been trying it really very hard to attract different customers with different packages for the Calls, SMS and mobile internet.

Types of Jazz Subscribers

There are countless people who are used to the network of Mobilink Jazz and they really can’t jump to any other network because of the quality services provided by Mobilink for their customers.

Mobilink Jazz actually knows how to make permanent clients. This is why a high percentage of people have been using this mobile phone network for ages. There are countless great Packages by Jazz / Mobilink for the calls and SMS that has been offered for their customers. Their packages arranged by taking care of customer’s budget.

Types of Jazz packages

Whether Jazz packages for the calls, Jazz SMS or mobile internet, Jazz is availabale in every corner of Pakistan. The network of Mobilink Jazz is always available. Its really very easy for the people to contact their family members or friends any time they want. This is what people love the most.

Many cheap packages for the Calls, SMS and also for the mobile internet packages have been introduced by Jazz as well. Different packages have different rates and policies. It all depends what package suits the customers.

The Packages are mainly categorized into 3: