Block Restore Your Warid SIM through SMS
Block, Restore Your Warid SIM through SMS

Warid intrudes SMS based Blocking/Restoration Service by the help of which, Warid customers can restore or block their services by simply sending SMS. The exciting feature is that these SMS commands are absolutely free of any cost.

3 options are available on Warid Block or restore Warid SIM service via SMS. These are:

– Block the number on voluntary basis.

– Restore the number blocked on voluntary basis.

– Block the number in-case of stolen through SMS command from any other Warid number.

If a Warid customer blocks his services voluntarily then it will result in the stoppage of all of the services that include all daily or monthly rental charges. For maximum time duration of 3 months, a Warid customer can voluntarily block his number. A Warid number can easily be restored or even blocked just by sending easy and simply SMS command which are absolutely free of all charges. If a Warid number is stolen then it can be blocked by any other Warid number. The entire process can be made secured by the help of secret t-pin.

Mr. Nauman Fakhar (Warid’s Vice President Customer Services) speaks on the Improved Customer Experience: “I am glad that we are far innovative in providing many solutions which are offered for the very first time in Pakistan. In the absence of this service, customers had to call on helpline or had to visit the business center/franchise and now just a simple SMS base command will serve the purpose. Warid customers have the privilege to take advantage from this service as no other operator in the industry is offering such service. With great passion to serve, we aim to continue serving our customers the best, making their mobile using a fulfilled yet handy and joyful experience all together.”

SMS Commands for Blocking & Restoration services on Warid Sim:

– Simply send SMS “VOLB TPIN CNIC” and send it to 321 for blocking the services.

– Simply send SMS “VOLA Warid_Number TPIN CNIC” and send it to 321 for restoring the services. This sms can be sent from any other Warid number.

– Simply send SMS “BOS MSISDN TPIN CNIC” and send it to 321 for blocking the services in case of stolen sim. This sms can be sent from any other Warid number.

– This service can be used absolutely free of cost.

– TPIN can be availed by simply calling Warid Helpline. TPIN or secret pin remains same for your Warid sim forever.


  1. my ID number 21506-9784743-5 and want block my warid number please you are requested block my number because i dont know about this number and want blocked the said number activiate on my ID.


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