Best Hybrid Bundles of 2014 by All Pakistani Telcos

There are 5 local networks of Pakistan including Ufone, Telenor, Mobilink, Warid and Zong which are presenting different hybrid bundles for their customers time to time. In 2014, we have seen a long list of hybrid bundles by different cellular operator companies of Pakistan. Hybrid bundles are the offers that include the collective benefit of free calls, SMS and mobile internet data. So the subscribers can make unlimited free calls, unlimited free SMS to all networks and use mobile internet data as longer as they want.

Let’s have a quick look on the best hybrid bundles of 2014 by all Pakistani telecom operators along with the verdict. SimsPk brings it exclusive for its followers:


Among all the telecom operators of Pakistan, Zong is the newest one. Despite of bring the last, Zong presents different hybrid packages for its users. Hybrid bundles by Zong are available in 3 categories covering all age group and these include:

  1. Youth
  2. Professionals
  3. High end or Home users
  • Youth:

Zong brings 2 daily hybrid bundles for youth by subscribing to which they can stay connected all day long with their friends and family members. The details of both youth hybrid bundles by Zong are tabled below:

Youth Daily 1 Youth Daily 2
Data 80MB 30MB
Calls 75 Minutes (on-net) Rs 0.9/hour (Circle Club)
SMS/MMS 500 SMS/100 MMS Unlimited SMS (Circle Club to Circle Club)
Social Pack Free N/A
Price Rs. 25.99+tax/day Rs. 10.99+tax/day
Subscribe Send ‘Daily1’ to 6565 Send ‘Daily2’ to 6565
Unsubscribe Send ‘Unsub Daily1’ to 6565 Send ‘Unsub Daily2’ to 6565
  • Professionals:

Zong professional hybrid bundle n subscribed on monthly basis and meant for all those Zong customers who are working out there and want to stay connected with the office mates for the efficient professional working. The details of professional hybrid bundle by Zong are tabled below:

Professional (Monthly)
Data 1GB
Calls Unlimited on-net
SMS 500/day
Price Rs. 499+tax/month.
Subscribe Send ‘Pro’ to 6565
Unsubscribe Send ‘Unsub Pro’ to 6565
  • High End/Home Users:

Zong brings two types of Zong hybrid bundles for its high end and home users that are subscribed on monthly basis. The details of home based hybrid bundle by Zong are tabled below:

Home 1 (Monthly) Home 2 (Monthly)
Data 2GB 4GB
Calls Unlimited on-net Unlimited on-net
SMS 500/day 500/day
Price Rs. 599+tax/month Rs. 799+tax/month
Subscribe Send ‘Home1’ to 6565 Send ‘Home2’ to 6565
Unsubscribe Send ‘Unsub Home1’ to 6565 Send ‘Unsub Home2’ to 6565


Mobilink Pakistan brings two types of hybrid bundles for its all customers that are diversified on the basis of their validity period. The details of both hybrid bundles by Mobilink are tabled below:

  1. Daily Hybrid Bundle
  2. Monthly Hybrid Bundle
Daily Hybrid Bundle Monthly Hybrid Bundle
Data 100 MBs 2 GB
Calls 25 Mins to Other Local Networks100 Mobilink Mins 500 Mins to Other Local Network2000 Mobilink Mins
SMS 100 SMS to any local Network 2000 SMS to any local Network
Price Rs. 50 Rs. 999
Subscribe *216# *289#
Unsubscribe *216*4# *289*4#


Like Mobilink, Telenor also brings 2 hybrid bundles for its users on the basis of subscription validity period. The details of both hybrid bundles by Telenor Pakistan are tabled below:

  1. Daily Hybrid Bundle
  2. 3-Day Hybrid Bundle
Daily Hybrid bundle 3-Day Hybrid Bundle
Data 5 MBs 50 MBs
Calls Free to FnF Free to FnF
SMS 200 SMS to any local Network 500 SMS to any local Network
Price Rs. 12 (inclusive of tax) Rs. 30 (inclusive of tax)
Subscribe *345*031# *030#


Ufone just brings a single hybrid bundle to its valued customer. The details of hybrid bundle by Ufone are tabled below:

Daily Hybrid Bundle
Data 10 MBs (2G and 3G)
Calls 100 minutes all Networks
SMS 100 SMS to all networks
Price 11.99+ Tax
Subscribe *5566#


  • All 4 telecom operators of Pakistan including Ufone, Telenor, Zong and Mobilink are presenting these offer by the title of Hybrid Package except that of Warid.
  • Best hybrid package of Pakistan in 2014 is offered by Zong. Simspk can say that as the price as well as validity of individual hybrid package is all in balance with the age group of the subscribers for whom the particular hybrid bundle is meant for.
  • Ufone is giving just 1 hybrid bundle. It is affordable with good offers. The only deficiency is lower free Internets offer i.e. merely 10 MB.
  • Mobilink hybrid bundle is also good as it s offering free off-net minutes too in contrast to other networks who are just giving on-net free minutes. No doubt, Mobilink hybrid bundles are comparatively expensive as well.
  • Telenor comes in end as its hybrid packages are not very efficient and impressive. Although, the charges are affordable but the free incentive of free internet is very limited. Furthermore, the customers of this hybrid offer can just call free of charges to their FnF numbers only.



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