Only Zong Has 4G spectrum

All 4 operators managed to get 3G, Only Zong has 4G spectrum hence they are surely going to lead the mobile internet world of Pakistan. The wake of sitting tight for a long time, and an equitably long day of auction, Pakistan is all ready and set to take off the 3G service after the effective closeout of the 3G and 4G gamut.

Specialists seeking the facts; why only Zong has 4G!

Each of the four specialists partaking in the closeout, in particular Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, and Zong, packed away the 3G range; while just Zong happened to offer 4G packages and services as they only got the 4G spectrum.

It was seen that subsequent to eight rounds of offering, Zong and Mobilink won 10 MHz piece for 3G range, while Telenor and Ufone won 5 MHz pieces for 3G spectrum.

While only Zong has 4G spectrum, PTA facts

As stated by the data uncovered by PTA, throughout the fixed offer stage. Ufone had submitted an offer for 15 MHz, while Telenor, Zong and Mobilink had submitted an offer for 10 MHz from 2100 MHz range for 3G administrations.

Just Zong figured out how to secure 10 MHz of 4G range from the 1800 MHz Band.

Ufone was convinced, but only Zong has 4G Spectrum!

Despite the fact that both Ufone and Zong had indicated enthusiasm toward 4G spectrum; yet since Ufone neglected to snatch the 10 MHz part of 3G range from 2100 MHz band, a compulsory necessity for securing 4G range, Ufone was not qualified to win the 4G spectrum.

What Chairman PTA predicted about the UN-sold 4G Spectrum?

This implied that out of 4G spectrum, one 10 MHz went unsold. Notwithstanding, Chairman PTA Dr Ismail Shah was optimistic that this unsold range will additionally be sold in the nearing few months.

Then again, Finance Minister Mr. Ishaq Dar guaranteed that this unsold 4G range will be sold inside a month. Mr. Dar made these remarks throughout his discourse after the finish of the bartering.

3G and 4G range; said Government

Through this fruitful closeout of the 3G and 4G range the Government of Pakistan figured out how to produce what added up to 1.182 billion USD. Out of which 902.82 million USD originated from 3G and 210 million USD hailed from 4G spectrum.

Rates and Facts about the cost of 3G & 4G Spectrum!

While the 4G range was sold to Zong at the base cost of 210 million USD, the aggregate cost of the 3G range was 17.82 million USD, higher than the base cost of 885 million USD.

The two 5 MHz of 3G range were sold at the set base cost of 147.5 million USD. Out of the two 10 MHz pieces of 3G range, the base cost of which was set at 295 million USD, one was sold for 306.93 million USD and the other for 300.9 million USD.

The test drive of 3G and 4G in the country!

With the finish of the closeout, now the telecom administrators will rival one another to be the first to industrially propel 3G service in Pakistan.

Specialists have been trying 3G administrations from at some point now and a great deal of prominent parts of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar were encounters 3G administration all around the bartering day; thus, it ought not be much sooner than we get to know the different bundles each one organization will be putting forth.



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