4 Million 3G Users: Exceeding All Other Broadband Technologies In Pakistan

Recently, the major telecom operators of Pakistan including Zong, Mobilink and Telenor have announced that their 3G users have crossed the figure of one million. Considering these statistics, simspk confirms to our readers that the number of 3G customers in Pakistan have exceed the count of rest of the subscribers who are using all other broadband technologies chiefly including WiMAX, EvDO, Satellite, DSL, HFC, FTTH and others.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has not yet made any official announcement regarding the data. We just considered the statistic provided by telecom operators of Pakistan given below:

  • On 30th September 2014, Zong announced the confirmation of its 1 million 3G users.
  • On 22nd October 2014, Mobilink announced the confirmation of its 1 million 3G users.
  • On 28th October 2014, Telenor announced the confirmation of its 1.3 million 3G users.
  • Up till now, Ufone dint make any official announcement about the total of Ufone 3G users in Pakistan.

According to simspk sources, we can confirm that Ufone has near about or even more than 1 million 3G subscribers. Not only this, Zong, Mobilink and Telenor must be having more than 1 million 3G customers since a great time have been passed since their official announcement of 3G footprint.


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