3 Data SIMs & 5 Voice SIMs per CNIC Can Be Purchased - Supreme Court

3 Data SIMs & 5 Voice SIMs per CNIC Can Be Purchased - Supreme Court

Supreme Court of Pakistan gave verdict in favor of CMPak (Zong) and removed the limit of purchasing 5 SIMs per CNIC by allowing maximum of total 3 Data SIMs and 5 Voice SIMs per CNIC. CMPak (Zong) forwarded application to Supreme Court for the removal of 5 SIMS restrictions per CNIC that was entertained in positive this Thursday.


CMPak (Zong) consulted Supreme Court of Pakistan for the removal of 5 SIMs per CNIC restriction on the strong demand by its consumer base after the completion of biometric re-verification process of all mobile phone SIMs. CMPak (Zong) submitted the application to Supreme Court and appealed apex court to allow further Data SIMs of any number, in addition to the cap set on Voice and Data SIMs.

On the last Thursday, Supreme Court declared in its decision that not more than 5 Voice SIMs and 3 data SIMs can be retained by one CNIC holder in Pakistan at one time.

The Deputy CEO CMPak (Zong), Niaz A. Malik, commented on the decision by Supreme Court and said,

We are contented with the verdict given by the praiseworthy Supreme Court of Pakistan. This decision will definitely shed an affirmative intuition on businesses of the telecom industry of Pakistan. Being the only 3G and 4G operator, we take pleasure to guide the industry for its goodness. We are taking this judgment as a preliminary achievement and CMPak (Zong) will carry on reshaping the Pakistani markets as a digital head with its enormous venture in 4G. Our advanced technology provided our users with exclusive pleasing experience contrast to other existing platforms.


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