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Mobile network packages of Pakistan

Mobile Packages of Call, SMS and Internet of every cellular network of Pakistan i.e. Jazz, Warid, Ufone, Telenor and Zong as well, also covering How To’s and telecom news.

Which one is the best mobile network service provider in Pakistan?

Who is the best mobile network service provider among the 5 operators in Pakistan? Each brand come up with better and cheaper package than the other to be the best in the business.

Even they counter-target each other’s TV commercials, each of them have their own importance, number of users and subscribers all over Pakistan.

Jazz (Mobilink) is the largest mobile network of Pakistan

Well, on the basis of subscribers there is always Jazz, has the most number of subscribers in their account, you can also join this Jazz Family through MNP transfer have a look at the main page containing types of Jazz packages.

Zong is the fastest internet provider

If we talk about mobile Internet, Zong is currently famous for their cheap 3G – 4G LTE internet packages, their internet speed is highly admired by large number of people, lets see Zong Packages here.

Warid has the strong signal strength

Some people give priority Warid and their packages, Warid has been the best in terms of signal strength, most people praise Warid for their strong signals, Change your existing network to Warid if you are concerned about signal problems!

Ufone is the only Govt’s cellular operator

Ufone earlier started with great strategy and they are the only network that is officially owned by Pakistan’s Telecommunication Company Ltd. Not to forget, Ufone set the trend of monthly calls by introducing super card. Lets have an eye on each Ufone Package.

Telenor is highly admired by youth

Similarly, the Telenor is famous among youth for their cheap SMS Packages. Also, you can also convert your network if you are willing to opt-in to Telenor packages.

Hence, the best network is actually the one who fulfill your set of requirement of calls, SMS and mobile internet.

Following are the Mobile Network Packages of Calls, SMS and Mobile Internet of every cellular network of Pakistan.

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