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Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Internet Packages

Internet is the need of present era. Telenor internet packages offer high speed internet facility on very low rate to the talkshawk as well as djuice subscribers so that they can move not only with the pace of the present day but also stay in connection with their friends and family members.

Talkshawk and Telenor djuice both offer different variety of Telenor internet packages to their respective subscribers and we are here giving our readers the individual types of Telenor internet packages on both of the portals i.e. talkshawk as well as djuice.

Telenor talkshawk internet services are available in 2 major classes. These include:

  • Talkshawk Internet Offer
  • Telenor USB Dongles offer

Talkshawk internet offers are further classified as the following:

  • Talkshawk Economy Internet Bundle.
  • Default internet.

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Telenor talkshawk Internet Bundle Offers
These Telenor talkshawk Internet Bundle Offers are further classified into 5 talkshawk internet bundles on the basis of their validity and subscription charges. Talkshawk users can select the particular talkshawk internet bundle which is best suited to their needs as well as budget. Talkshawk internet bundles can be categorized as follows:

  • Telenor talkshawk Daily Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor talkshawk Daily 2 Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor talkshawk Weekly Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor talkshawk Monthly Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor talkshawk Mega monthly bundle Internet Bundle Offer

USB Dongle Offers Are available on both Telenor prepaid as well as Telenor postpaid with an exclusive warranty of 1 year which is not offered by any other network of Pakistan at a very low price.
Just like Telenor talkshawk internet packages, we are presenting Telenor djuice internet packages details to our readers. Telenor djuice internet packages are available as follows:

  • Djuice SMS + GPRS Bundle Offer
  • Default Internet
  • Djuice Internet bundles package

djuice SMS + GPRS Bundle Offer at the same time providing the advantage to its subscribers to avail free sms as well as free gprs connection. Default internet charges are also very low and providing high speed internet services and connection. Djuice Internet bundles package is offering 5 exciting djuice internet bundles to the subscribers which are available as follows:

  • Telenor djuice economy Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor djuice daily Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor djuice weekly Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor djuice monthly Internet Bundle Offer
  • Telenor djuice unlimited Internet Bundle Offer

Again here the criterion of selecting particular djuice internet package depends upon the needs of the subscriber within a particular time period as well as the budget of subscriber which he can afford. These Telenor internet packages are designed by keeping in mind the convenience of users at the first priority. Telenor internet packages has made it possible for the subscribers that they can surf on internet at any place all day long at very cheap internet connection and services rates and charges. Not only surfing but the subscribers can also be remain appear on their social media and network just because of the low rates and high quality of Telenor internet packages and additional Telenor internet services for the subscribers.

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