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By May 31, 2014

Telenor 3G Packages – Prepaid and Postpaid

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Telenor 3G Packages

Telenor Pakistan announces Telenor 3G packages for prepaid and postpaid commercial. With the commercial launch of Telenor prepaid and postpaid 3G packages, life is going to be much easier, we bet you!!!

To give flexibility and freedom, prepaid 3G packages from Telenor come with diverse variety. Telenor introduces “Telenor 3G Packages (Prepaid Tariff Plans)” launches its 3G services commercially in Pakistan. Once, mobile phone was used just for telecommunication. Now it is a whole world after Telenor introduces 3G technology. 3G technology by Telenor can bring the possibilities supersonic for all Telenor customers. From 30th may 2014, standard charges are applied on using Telenor 3G services in Pakistan.

Telenor 3G presented unbelievable and affordable 3G rates for its valued customers. We have a wide range of Telenor 3G packages for prepaid customers on behalf of type and price. So, Telenor prepaid customer can choose such a Telenor prepaid 3G package bundle that perfectly matches to his need and budget. Telenor 3G has the fastest internet speed that can solve every hurdle in the fast growing world.

Click Here for 3G Packages for Talkshawk and Djuice (Prepaid)

Telenor 3G Packages (Postpaid):

Telenor Postpaid 3G Packages have been revised. Click Here to get the complete details.

Telenor Dongle 3G Packages:

Those of Telenor customers who are fond of using laptops and want to enjoy the seamless fastest Telenor 3G technology can enjoy Telenor dongle 3G packages and bundles which are very soon coming to both Telenor prepaid and postpaid customers.

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Your Friends will love it:

18 responses to “Telenor 3G Packages – Prepaid and Postpaid”

  1. telenor prepaid 3g package is the best of all which is affordable by all.

  2. 3G net mobile per active kesy krty he

  3. You should check Mobilink 3g packages and then decide 🙂

  4. to much costly telenor 3G
    i think mobilink 7 days 7000 Mb's is bast

  5. Asif Khaksar says:

    how to active 3g i s3 mobil sir

  6. Asif Khaksar says:

    how to active 3g in
    s3 mobil sir

  7. Asif Khaksar says:

    con it work in peshawar?

  8. phelay 3G package subscribe kerain phir mobile setting may ja k 3G enable kerain ager

  9. Qaisar Khan says:

    Tahir Siddiqui

  10. Qaisar Khan says:


  11. Naveed Gul says:

    ab 7000 mb 1500 mb hogaya ha

  12. now they also reduced the data from 7000 to 1500

  13. Now mobilink 3G is very bad that's why 1st of all 7000 mb of weekly bundle and now 1500 mb of weekly bundle if charges are same and now no has speed in mobilink 3G

  14. telenor to much costly but its coverage is better rathe then other network (y)

  15. Muhammad Awais Tipu says:

    2.5 Gb 2g&3g Net, with 150 Rs belence in 85 Rs only for all network with 60 Rs: per 30 seconds and 10 pesas for sms, activate *345*75#. Expiry date is 7 days , اگر پیکج کو دوپارہ ان کرہ گے تو پیجھلا بجا ہوا بیلنس اور انتٹر نیٹ جمع ہو جائے گا میرے پاس اسوقت 800 روپے کا بیلنس اور 12 جی بی نیٹ جمع ہوا ہے ۔

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