By September 15, 2014

PTCL EVO Wingle Service is now available in Peshawar

PTCL EVO Wingle Service is Now Available in Peshawar

PTCL EVO Wingle Service is Now Available in Peshawar

As technology is prevailing day by day in Pakistan after the official launch of 3G 4G technology in Pakistan, we see different modernization in IT industry of Pakistan nearly every day. One more step has been taken by PTA to promote the 3G 4G spectrum technology in Pakistan far and wide.

No doubt, EVO wireless broadband is the fastest and most reliable wireless internet service in Pakistan that brings excellent wireless broadband experience in more than 250 cities of Pakistan. Not only this, PTCL has also got the credit of being the 1st telecom operator in the world to commercially launch cutting-edge EV-DO Rev.B network which offers wireless broadband speeds up to 9.3 Mbps.

Now, EVO Wingle wireless broadband service has been introduced in Peshawar by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). EVO Wingle wireless broadband service in Peshawar will facilitate the local people with faster wireless broadband connectivity.

With the introduction of EVO wireless service in Peshawar, customers will be able to avail PTCL EVO 9.3 Mbps products such as EVO Wingle & EVO Nitro Cloud. In this way, these services will enable them to use internet with faster connectivity as well as improved data rates & charges.

Furthermore, PTCL is also providing EVO subscribers in Peshawar with EVO Wingle 20 GB volume at special discounted price of Rs. 1250 per month which is simply unbelievable. After 30th December 2014, this package will be reverted back to the standard usual monthly charges of Rs. 1,500.

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  1. shariq.rahman says:

    very bad experince

    ptcl evo winglo very bad reponse….dont buy ptcl evo wingle bros